We engage the community by involving community participation in discussions about education, partnerships with local organizations, and employing a community editorial team. These are described below.

DJEC’s principle model is a community-engaged approach to education journalism relying upon community inquiry and narrative writing, supplemented by community contributing writers. To date, our community partnerships have involved:

In general, we aim to always look for new community partnerships to amplify the community’s voices about education advocacy through policy recommendations and partnerships with local organizations. We had to ask ourselves several questions to define what these community partnerships should look like.

“What are we asking for from our community partners?”
“How do we know when an organization aligns with the journal’s goal?” “How do we ensure that our relationship with organizations is reciprocal?” “In what ways can DJEC be a resource to others?”
“What is each organization’s policy experience?”

Such questions help us to ensure that there remains an emphasis on youth input into education policy and decision-making.