DJEC quarterly contributing writers

You are being asked to contribute to the Denver Journal of Education and Community based on your experience/expertise in one of the roles below.  The connection between the content DJEC will provide you in the form of 2-3 short articles, and your personal experience is the primary purpose for your contributing piece.  This means, focusing on this connection and bridging the gap between what DJEC has written and your experience/expertise is where we would like you to focus your attention when writing.  

  • Scholar – As one who is familiar with education scholarship, what is the relevant conceptual or empirical knowledge that informs your understanding of this topic? In what ways does this knowledge and the knowledge shared by community members (represented in the articles) align or depart? What are recommendations for additional inquiry (e.g., community scholarship, research, etc.), policy, or educational practice? 
  • Practicing educator – As one who works in public education (ECE-12) in the region, how does your professional experience inform your thinking about the ideas shared in the collection of articles? What do community member perspectives contribute to your understanding of your own professional practice? In what ways do the types of perspectives, ideas, concerns, recommendations shared by community members reflect what is, or what should be, happening in public education in the region? Are there education practices, district or school policies that create constraints or opportunities for the ideas shared in the collection of articles?
  • Community member – As a resident of the Denver metro region, what do you consider most important in public schools, related to this topic? What informs your point of view about public schools, public education, and what are your thoughts on the perspectives shared by other community members in these articles? Do you notice that some perspectives are missing from the collection of articles, and what do you think that these perspectives would add to the community voices reflected in the collection of articles?
  • Student – As a current student, what are your impressions about the ideas in the collection of articles? Are there particular ideas or statements that you feel strongly about? Based on your experiences as a student, are there ideas or suggestions made in the collection of articles that you feel positively about? That you think are misinformed? Do you think that there is enough student voice in the collection of articles?

What we need from you now…

  • Read the 2-3 articles DJEC provides to you about the quarterly topic 
  • Write 700-750 original words using the above prompt.  

*you do not have to respond to every question in the prompt, the questions are designed to frame your thinking. 

DJEC will communicate the initial deadline for submission when you are asked to contribute.

DJEC may provide minor edits or suggestions and ask that you will edit the piece and have it returned to us within one week.