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Vol 4 Issue 1 – From the Editor

Teacher Retention Antwan Jefferson, PhD     What’s really interesting to me about this teacher retention issue of the Journal, is that it highlights some of the same kinds of…
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Vol 4 Issue 1 – Main Article

Teacher Retention Teacher Retention: An educational crisis By | Allan Tellis, Chief Writer, Denver *In order to understand the reasons BIPOC teachers are leaving education, the experiences of BIPOC teachers…

Vol 4 Issue 1 – Scholar Perspective

Teacher Retention Scholar perspective By | Bryan Bohanan Teachers serve multiple roles in the lives of students: mentors, teachers, sources of knowledge, and key contributors in shaping the lives of…

Vol 4 Issue 1 – Scholar Perspective

Teacher Retention Community perspective By | Dr. Asia Lyons Racial Battle Fatigue’s Impact On Black Educators & Our Families “The first thing he starts with me is about racism and…

Vol 4 Issue 1 – Educator Perspective

Teacher Retention Educator perspective By |Torrence Brown-Smith Undervaluing Teachers Always Harms Students As I read the articles Teacher Retention: Is it worth it? and Teacher Retention: Invisible Caseloads & Dangerous…

Vol 4 Issue 1 – Student Perspective

Teacher Retention Student perspective By | Aaralyn Allin-Zayas I have always grappled with the idea of becoming a teacher, especially with my zeal for learning and helping youth navigate and…
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